The Perfect Handbag: Three Ways You Can Narrow Down Your Search

A random thought that crossed my mind one day is that maybe clothing companies make women’s pants pockets small so that they can sell women handbags.

While this may be true, there is also the fact that women need more things when they go out. It is not just the wallet and keys that men are used to. We also need to put makeup, that is, the typical: lipstick, eyeliner, and basically anything that need to be retouched throughout the day or night, tissues, makeup remover, pens, hair ties, bobby pins, phone charger, power bank, feminine hygiene products, and other things we deem necessary.

Where can we put all these things without the hassle of worrying about misplacing or forgetting them?

Ladies, let me introduce you to drumroll please the handbag. A woman basically owns at least one or two of these bags for the reason mentioned above. Not only are they functional, they are also stylish from the varieties in terms of color and material. These bags vary in sizes as well depending on what you need or want to put in them. The look of the handbag we choose also depends on the occasion. Whether you prefer a classy, casual, or over-the-top look, there’s always something for you.

Purchasing a new handbag is not an easy decision to make. We are faced with too many options and sometimes even the dilemma of whether to splurge on an investment piece or go for a more cost-effective trendy option. We know this decision making process all too well and we’re determined to help you out. Here are three ways to narrow down your search:


What are you using this handbag for? Is this intended to be your everyday handbag? Do you need it for travel purposes? Is it for a special occasion?


Answering number one should give you a better idea of how big the handbag you will buy should be. Every day handbags tend to have more things in them. My mom always told me that I should use a smaller handbag so that I do not put unnecessary things in it and make it heavier than it needs to be.

Price Range

Luxury bags never go out of style but the problem is, can you afford them? I see my friends bring a Louis Vuitton bag to school and good for them but I personally cannot afford one of those so I settle for a Longchamp handbag to put all my school stuff in it. Also, it is up to you if you want a branded handbag or not. Noone is going to judge and it should not matter. It is your personal style and brands are not the only way to express it.

Now that you have a sense of how to go about with choosing a handbag, check out some of our top choices for spring!

Ruby Blue Ruched Clutch Bag

We The Free Selvage Tote

Taylor Stone Crocodile Tote Bag

Andressera Bag

Amza Top Handle Bag

Woke Mini Baguette Bag

Zipper Leather Bag

Mar Y Sol Polanca Tote

Leo Mini Woven Crossbody Bag

Blue Bobby Charm Bag

St. Barths Large Tote

Enchanted Saddle Bag

Colorblock Leather Baguette Bag

Orange Lizard-Emboosed Grandma Bag

Tory Burch Arugula Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel Oversized Tote

Acne Studios Musubi Bucket Bag

Chloe C Compact Floral-Print Crossbody Bag

Museo medium color-block crinkled leather tote

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