Headbands Are Having A Moment

Don’t let scrunchies have all the attention—headbands are hot. Just in time to complement some cooling summer hairdos, headbands are having a moment. A great way to add a pop of color to an outfit,headbands can be a simple accessory or a beautiful piece of jewelry worn in the hair. Try out some of these hairstyles with a headband to be on trend this summer:

  • Long hair, don’t care: The easiest style to pair with a headband is to simply leave your hair down. Straight, curly, wavy whatever—this complements any hair type as the headband holds back the majority of your hair. Consider pushing all of your hair behind the headband, or sectioning out some hair to stay in front of the headband, still hanging near your face. Each look can work for different occasions and headband styles. Snatching your hair back smoothly under a headband can be very professional and neat looking, while the looser, flowing look of setting the band halfway back into your hair can be more casual. Gently wave your hair with a curling wand before placing the band to achieve the beachy, wave look with the accent of the headband on top.

  • Ballet Bun: Ballet buns are typically off the back of the crown or sometimes even a topknot. Placing a headband below this often gives an athletic, formal, and professional look. This can work great for formal events, especially related to your work. Use a fabric knotted headband for a softer look with a high bun. Let a few face-framing tendrils hang out in front of the headband for an even more feminine look.

  • Base of the Neck Bun: Looking artsy is simple with tied headbands and a low bun. Make a low ponytail, turn your hair over and pin into a wide bun at the nape of the neck. After securing it, tie the headband around the head. A bow on top evokes a fun Rosy the Riveter look, while a bow beneath the bun is an whimsical, artistic look.


Princess Polly Bejeweled Head Band

Anthropologie Llani Sunburst Beaded Headband

Free People Kristina Hard Headband

ASOS DESIGN Headband with Floral Buds and Leaf Embellishment

Forever 21 Ribbed Faux Pearl Headband

Anthropologie Llani Marie Embellished Headband

Free People Eva Headband

Maryjane Claverol Trinidad Headband


ASOS French Fashion House Headband

Princess Polly The Hannah Headband Pink

Free People Easy Like Sunday Headband

Anthropologie Lydia Twist Headband

Free People Raja Soft Headband

Free People Textured Top Knot

LOFT Braided Satin Headband

Anthropologie Farren Twist Headband

Braided Faux Leather Headband


Eugenie Kim Hedy Headband

Shein Floral Pattern Headband

Free People Just Gossip Headband

ALDO Sugnata twist headband

Free People Willa Braided Headband

Free People On the Beach Headband

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