Hydrate or Die-drate: Improve Your Skin With Hydration Hacks

You’ve heard it before: at 70% water, your body needs constant replenishing of fluids. It is especially important for your skin, keeping it soft, moisturized, and wrinkle-free. Adding enough water into your diet is the sort of passive step in your skincare routine that can make a huge difference.

It is widely recommended that adults consume around eight cups of water per day. Juices and coffee shouldn’t be added into this count. Coffee, while made with water, is a diuretic that can actually dehydrate you. Some point out a simple rule is to just drink when thirsty.

However, it’s easy to forget to drink water. Drinking enough water is a much bigger commitment than jamming a granola bar down at lunchtime between work projects. Unlike meals, it’s an all-day challenge. Luckily there are many hi- and low-tech options for reminding yourself to hydrate, which will lead to happier, healthier skin in no time.


There’s an app for that: The App Store and Google Play Store are flooded with water reminder apps. Aloe Bud, Plant Nanny, Drink Water Tracker, etc. are all apps that remind you to drink and/or let you track how much you’ve already consumed. Many calorie tracking apps, like LifeSum or MyFitnessPal also let you log your water with your food.


Smart Water Bottles: Smart Bottles sync with your phone to deliver real time reminders about how much more you need to drink. The bottle itself may have a reminder function such as a glowing color to prompt you to take another drink.

Remind Me: Set reminders on your fitness bracelet. Utilize your fitbit for more than step tracking: add water reminders. Whether your wearable has official water reminders, or you just set an alarm every couple of hours, make it work for you and your hydration.


A gallon pitcher: If your goal is to drink a gallon of water a day, fill a container of the size and aim to finish it by the end of the day. Some pitchers and bottles even come with hash marks for where you should be at noon, 3 pm, etc. A great way to get a gallon pitcher on the cheap is to purchase a gallon of water at the grocery store. Often less than $1, you can refill the plastic jug daily to hit your intake goals regularly.

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