Look Good on Your Zoom Meeting With These Make-Up Tips

look good on your zoom meetings

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As social distancing pushes our interactions to be digital, we are presented with a new challenge for human contact: how to present oneself on a Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts meeting. We all quickly learned there is no need to wear real pants to these interactions, taking advantage of the need to only dress from the neck up.

But what about your face? So much digital facetime—and not just the iPhone app variety—is a delicate balance of highlighting what works in video, being cautious with what doesn’t, and combating the dreaded camera tint.

Fight Tech with Tech

If you’re lucky to be using one of the more advanced web-conferencing systems, look in your settings for the enhancement settings. These tend to apply better color balancing and blur effects to your live video to balance out the harsh effects of the camera, creating an augmented reality filter for your face.

But if that’s not enough for you, nab a clip-on ring light from Amazon. These are inexpensive and fit any laptop or tablet easily. The soft, color-balancing light from the ring light can make all the difference in presenting yourself on camera.

Realer than Real

Perhaps the greatest problem with digital video chat is that video makes your face realer than real. Something about video, screen size, and high definition makes you nitpick on small blemishes that would otherwise go unnoticed. Who cares if you miss one stray hair between your eyebrows? HD video cares.

If you’re the type to nitpick on camera, apply the same sort of precision off camera. Apply eyeliner and lipstick evenly and check for any stray hairs before jumping on that video conference.

Work It

The pluses of live video is that it allows people to really focus on your face and what you have to say. Drawing attention to your mouth for speaking engagements is an age-old make-up tip, but one that works especially well in the digital world. A lipstick does not have to be bold—although those work here too!—to be attention getting. Consider a matte nude or sheer gloss. A well-applied lip is captivating.

Palest of Them All

The tint of the video tends to make skin look yellow or blue and ghostly pale. Any skin tone becomes a digital pixelation of washout in this light. To combat this pale skin, choose some colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, like purples or dusky oranges. Don’t go too heavy on the bronzer and blush, but do make sure to breathe some life into your cheeks.

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