Summer 2020’s Hottest Nail Colors

Let’s be real, what is a summer without the daring nail colors that we can’t wear any other time of the year? Summer 2020 might be on hold for a bit right now and our favorite salons may be closed but don’t let that stop you from treating yourself to a mani and pedi at home! There are so many variations of nail colors, it can be extremely difficult to pick between one hue of pink and the next. Some of the hottest nail trends for summer 2020 include neutrals, neon and shimmers.

Neon Purple nail polish

This Neon Purple nail polish ($15.00) from Nails Inc. will keep your outfit looking bright with its high gloss – gel finish look. Besides the color of this nail polish looking great, it also contains a rare flower extract that helps strengthen and condition the nail.

Seeing Stars Nail Duo

Who doesn’t love a good neutral with a sparkle? This Seeing Stars Nail Duo ($15.00) from Nails Inc. provides the perfect combination of a classic color and a little bit of sparkle and will pair with so many different outfits.

Gel-Lab Pro Nail Polish

If you are not feeling too adventurous or prefer playing it safe with your nail color then this Gel-Lab Pro Nail Polish ($20.00) from Deborah Lippmann is the perfect fit for you! The Color is a semi-sheer gray with shimmer and is the perfect twist on that classic nude color.

I’m Too Sexy

Speaking of nudes, you can never go wrong with a classic nude color. I’m Too Sexy ($20.00) from Deborah Lippmann is one of her most popular shades. It's described as a full coverage sandy nude. This vegan polish provides a gloss finish, no one will even notice that you gave yourself your own mani/pedi at home and the color will literally pair with anything you wear this summer and will last for days!

Ripe and Ready Avocado Oil Nail and Lip it

Slime green is giving us all the tropical feels that we can’t get from a vacation right now, and the bonus with this nail polish is the lip tint that also comes with it! This Ripe and Ready Avocado Oil Nail and Lip Kit ($15.00) from Nails Inc. contains kale extract that will help strengthen and provide healthier nails while the lip kit contains avocado oil and vitamin E to provide conditioning and nourishment.

Cherry Popsicle

A classic red shade will never go out of style and this Sephora Collection nail polish in color Cherry Popsicle ($5.00) is the perfect summer time accessory, it gives us floral/watermelon vibes and will look great on the beach or hanging out with some friends around a bonfire!

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