Five Fashion Documentaries to Increase Your Fashion IQ

Fashion documentaries are in a league of their own, sure picking up a good fashion book on your favorite designer or researching and studying their work is nice but there isn’t quite anything like watching them in the heat of the moment in front of a camera (that they likely forgot was even there), being able to see their raw reactions; happy and sad moments or simply seeing the thought process that goes in to their collections is such a personable moment. Personally, I enjoy watching fashion documentaries anytime I am feeling unmotivated and it immediately reignites the love of fashion that I know I have. Below we have rounded up some of the best fashion documentaries – new and old.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

A personal look into the mind and business of Valentino Garavani, this documentary showcases a year of work for Valentino, viewers are able to see his sketches come to life for the 2006 Spring/Summer haute couture runway collection. July 2007 marked 45 years in the fashion industry for Valentino and he is known for dressing some of the biggest Hollywood icons, the documentary is jam packed with celebrity appearances - ultimately leading up to his final farewell as he approaches retirement after four decades in the industry.

The September Issue

A super rare look into the life of Vogue. Known to many as the biggest and most important issue of the year for Vogue, is the September Issue. This documentary gives a rare glimpse into the work life of iconic Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour. Wintour, dubbed to be very aggressive and intimidating showcases her cutthroat attitude throughout the documentary, but Creative Director-ex model, Grace Coddington doesn’t mind standing up to Wintour when it comes to her ideas and eventually, they are approved for the September Issue. If you are looking for a little glam with some drama mixed in, then this is the documentary for you!

Dior and I

A controversial move – said by many, was the merger of creative director, Raf Simons and The House of Christian Dior. Simons fashion background being in minimalist menswear, many wondered how he could design for an elegant womenswear brand, this documentary focuses on Simons first eight weeks at Dior as he brings together his first haute couture collection. A rare and personal look into the life of Raf Simons shocked many as he is known for having a super private life – even in such a public role.

Lagerfeld Confidential

If there is anyone more private in the world of fashion, it is definitely Karl Lagerfeld – designer for Chanel, from personal relationships and friendships, Lagerfeld always kept people guessing who friend and foe was. Never formally studying fashion, he gives hope to many who may have hopes and dreams to be in the fashion industry one day. Lagerfeld’s vision, designs and silhouettes were classic Chanel and the documentary showcases his struggles between designing for Chanel and Fendi – with some wittiness and unfiltered comebacks sprinkled in.


A personal fav of mine is Unzipped, this documentary showcases the silly and glamorous lifestyle of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. A true New Yorker with the New York feel weaved into every second of the film, the documentary follows the design process of Mizrahi as he tries to redeem himself after a failed and badly reviewed Spring/Summer 1994 collection. This documentary will be a good starting point for whenever you decide to start your binge of fashion docs because many agree that Unzipped is the starting point of all fashion documentaries.

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