Three Clothing Brands We Love that No Longer Photoshop Models


The British online fashion retailer ASOS has ditched their former photoshopping ways and begun showing models in a new authentic way. Browsing through their website, you will come across women and men with acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, back rolls, and more. While that alone is deserving of praise, they are also one of the most size-inclusive brands, carrying clothing for petite, tall, curvy, fuller-bust, and plus-size women. All things considered; it is safe to say that ASOS is killing the body positivity game.


Many brands are concerned that they will not sell as many products without airbrushing. This ties into the psychology (or trickery) that brands rely on to entice customers into purchasing items. However, the brand AERIE by American Eagle made a promise in 2014 to stop photoshopping their models, and their sales, in return, have gone up. AERIE was one of the first brands to ban photoshop, creating a positive image for the brand and a positive shopping experience for their customers.


MODCLOTH pioneered the body positive movement as the first clothing retailer to sign the no-photoshop pledge. Modcloth had been a rather reputable brand, promoting equality and inclusion long before it was cool. Their models are seen with all kinds of “imperfections” including birth marks, stretch marks, and tattoos. This company also has a wide range of sizes spanning from an XXS through 4X!

These are just three of the brands that have joined the fight against photo doctoring, paving a path for others to follow. ASOS, AERIE, and Modcloth have inched us closer to full acceptance and inclusivity in the fashion industry and created a positive shopping experience for their customers. Next time you are online shopping and catch yourself thinking, “Why don’t I look like that?”, remember that, in most cases, the model does not even look like that.

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