Up Your Pajama Game

Pajamas are polarizing – for me, at least. On one end of the spectrum, I have a few pairs of beautiful, luxurious, soft, picture perfect pajama sets that make me feel like a million bucks at the end of a long day. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a collection of decade-old t-shirts that have been worn to threads and holes, but my heart just can’t bear to get rid of them. That’s my truth. It’s hard to invest in nice pajamas for yourself – it feels like a treat, and only our close friends, roommates, family, or partners get to see them or even know they exist. But we are spending more time in pajamas now than we ever have and potentially ever will. So, treat yourself. Invest in yourself, your quality of sleep, and your sleepwear. There is no better feeling than knowing you’ll wake up with your hair soft and silky, wearing an outfit you’ll be delighted to have on while brewing your morning coffee. Sexy slip or cute comfy set, check out some upgrades to your sleep style below.

You deserve it. Enough said.

Flora Nikrooz Messina Sleep Set

Lavlia Black and White Chemise

The Essential Modal Shorts

Tuck Up Tuck In Sleep Shirt

Sophia Silk Pajama Set

Go to bed with a grin. You don’t need to take your sleepwear too seriously.

Printed Just Because Romper

Cheet Day Pants

Roller Rabbit Monkey Sleep Set

Sun Burst Tie-Dye Relaxed Pullover

Karen Mabon Tiger Blossom Silk Sleep Shirt

Cute ‘n’ Cozy
You’re already cute. Might as well be cozy too.

Bluebella Abigail Satin Short Pajama Set

Aerie Real Soft Ribbed Sleep Jumpsuit

Roller Rabbit Hearts Sleep Set

ASOS DESIGN tie side tee & short pyjama set


Never heard of sleep accessories? Welcome to one of my favorite little pockets of the sleepwear world. Welcome to sleep scrunchies that keep you from waking up with rat’s nests, eye masks to ensure a night of sleep uninterrupted by light, and slippers to keep your feet warm until the moment you’re under the covers. It’s the little things.

ASOS DESIGN pack of 2 scrunchies

Aerie Plush Unicorn Sleep Mask

Slip Beauty Sleep Collection

Scuffette II

Vitruvi Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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