5 Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s day is all about having fun with your significant other. Traditionally this day is about chocolates, flowers, and making someone feel loved and special. However, the cliché chocolates-and-stuffed-animal gift is getting old, so if you're looking for a cool thing to do on Valentine's Day, check out the ideas on this list.

1. Rent an expensive sports car for a day

Every day you drive something affordable and reasonable, so for Valentine's Day, why don't you rent something you would normally never purchase. Spend the day in a luxury vehicle. I promise it will make you feel special.

2. Take a trip to the candy store.

V-Day is all about sweets, so take it literally and visit the candy store. Pick out just a couple favorites or fill a whole bag with various candies to enjoy once you get home.

3. Visit an escape room

Perfect for new or old couples, an escape room is a fun way to bring you closer to your significant other. The goal is to solve the puzzle in a set amount of time, so see how well you guys work together to get out!

4. Body painting

Even if you're a terrible artist, playing with body paint is absolutely enjoyable. Whether you want to get artistic and paint a mural on your partner's skin or you want to splash around on a huge canvas, no matter what, this creative endeavor is a whole lot of fun.

5. Recreate your first date

For a romantic and unique V-Day, consider recreating your first date. It can be fun to reminisce over something that happened three, five, or even ten years ago.

If you’re flying solo for V-day, you can still enjoy these date ideas for a night out with the girls or guys instead. Don’t let singledom stop you from enjoying your Valentine’s Day to the fullest.

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