A Gift Of Mother Earth To Block Negativity

"The first crystal I was attracted to was clear quartz ..."

My obsession with crystals started some years back after visiting a shop in Nederland, Colorado. The first crystal I was attracted to was clear quartz because it looks like ice or a piece of glass. I started reading about it online, purchasing books, some good ones, some not so good, but I have learned so much. I then purchased more crystals and jewelry and has since become a habit to wear or carry at least one every day.

They do not only make wonderful fashion statements, but every crystal also means something, each one having a purpose. We can enhance them if and when we are open to receive what they communicate. Some healers believe crystals are living beings. These semi-precious gems help anyone and everyone, even pets and plants.

Quartz Cluster Crystal

Quartz Cluster Crystal

Quartz crystals are fairly common. Clear quartz crystals are considered a gift of Mother Earth. Wearing, carrying or meditating with this stone will raise your vibration and connect you to higher guidance. Program it to the energy you want and it will resonate and translate into the physical world.

Clear quartz blocks negativity, clears your surroundings and protects their aura. It aids concentration and memory retention and helps you understand messages conveyed during the dream state. Quartz crystal increases clarity and awareness in thinking, focuses on inner negativity, and encourages and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings.

I use this crystal for meditation. I place it on my third eye and it helps me clear the mind and focus when I am distracted or preoccupied. According to Robert Simmons, by visualizing an image of one’s intent or desired outcome within the crystal during a meditative session, clear quartz provides a powerful psychic amplification. The crystal remembers and magnifies the pattern of energy, so using the same crystal in repeated meditations allows for the opportunities and power to manifest in reality.

If I have too much going on and am unable to make time to meditate on a given day, I carry the clear quartz in my purse or wear a piece of jewelry with it to make sure I keep my vibrations high. I have clear quartz all over the house to clear our space and bring transparency into our day-to-day home lives and auras. I also keep some in my workspace for clarity and to avoid outside distractions

Clear Quartz Bottle

Clear Quartz Bottle



If you want to get started with crystals or are curious about them, start with clear quartz. It is beautiful and affordable, and most importantly, it will bring up your spiritual vibrations, which if you pay attention, you will feel almost instantly. Start with a small one. It goes a long way.

If you are interested in purchasing healing stones, I recommend this shop This-And-That . I discovered this shop by chance and she is the best there is out there, her name is Shanna. We have developed a beautiful friendship, but that aside, she is very honest and an amazing seller. She also sells a few pieces of jewelry.

For jewelry, I recommend Stylish Healing shop. They make the most beautiful 90s’ inspired jewelry. It belongs to an animal lover who donates a percentage of the proceeds to animal rescue.

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