How to Organize Your Closet: A Step by Step Guide

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Let’s be honest: we all have a lot of time on our hands inside our homes right now. Does that mean we should feel the need to be productive 24/7? Absolutely not. We need time to rest and take stock of how we’re feeling – and we also need to set ourselves up for a successful, happy, peaceful state of mind. I am a true believer that our state of mind and our productivity are a direct result of the space we call home. Whether you live in a giant suburban house, a tiny city apartment, with roommates, with your significant other, or any arrangement under the sun, it is important to take ownership of your space – no matter the size. If your space is cluttered and disorganized, it’s likely that it will be reflected in other facets of your life in one way or another.

I think you know where I’m going with this – it’s time to reorganize your closet. It’s scary, I know. It’s daunting, yes. But your cute clothes miss you and I promise that you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders once it’s done. Put on some good music and brew a fresh cup of coffee. To make it easy for you, I’ve compiled an easy and useful guide for the most painless closet refresh possible.

Step 1

Take everything out. You heard me – everything. You know that the hanger wires are entangled, clothes are half hung/half falling, and that you haven’t seen the back wall of the closet since you moved in. This is the only way to truly take stock of what you have, what you need, what you don’t, and will enable a real fresh start.

Step 2

Purge. At least one piece of clothing, if you can. Maybe it’s something you have multiples of, maybe it’s a skirt you thrifted in high school that used to be short in a cute way but now is just too short. If you really love all your clothes, I understand that too. Clothes hold sentimental value and according to Marie Kondo, if it sparks joy, you should keep it.

Step 3

Categorize – whatever that means to you. You may prefer to organize your clothes by season, by color, by article type, or whatever makes the most sense to you. Group your categories together, stack them on your bed, on chairs, or whatever your home space allows. (If one of your end goals is an Instagram-worthy closet, I’d recommend organizing by color.)

Step 4

Rehang your clothes. Really take the time to hang your clothes on the hanger properly – it will make all the difference. Make sure your hangers are all facing the same way, the front of your shirts and dresses face one direction, and that you don’t have any random straps or ties hanging down to the floor.

Step 5

Admire, accept, breathe. You may realize halfway through that your categorization system isn’t perfect, you don’t have clothes that are every color of the rainbow, or that there’s not really a great way to hang miniskirts if you don’t have hangers with clips – that’s all okay. The important thing is that you took the time to invest in your space therefore investing in your own health and happiness. Happy space, happy clothes, happy mind – that’s a saying… right?

Now just open up that closet door – you’ll be glad you did.

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