How Your Zodiac Sign Can Disrupt Your Love Life

Got yourself stuck in another argument with your lover, or find yourself at the end of the road in another relationship yet again due to habits you have that you cannot shake? If this is something that keeps happening to you, your zodiac sign can pinpoint the main issue you face in your relationships and why this keeps happening.

Each zodiac sign has its good side and its bad side. Each of the signs has specific ways they react to situations and how they interact with others in their relationships. Some make for good lovers; some make for lousy lovers. With the guidance of the stars, you can become more aware of how the habits and quirks of your zodiac sign affect your relationship.

We have gathered all the negative tendencies each sign possesses that can lead to them destroying their relationships. If you want to know how you can avoid sinking into these ways, then maybe your relationships can be more fulfilling!

1. Aries

Being ruled by the fiery planet, Mars, you have intense fire energy in you. You move fast in relationships and love it when things are hot and steamy! You can put a lot of pressure on your lover and lose your cool quickly when things do not go your way.

Realizing that things will not always go your way and considering the qualities of your opposite sign, Libra, which is equality and compromise, you will be able to have a balanced relationship. Consider the needs and wants of your partner as well.

2. Taurus

You are very fixed and stuck in your ways, and don’t want to change for anything or anyone! You have a "my way or the highway" approach in relationships, and not everyone can adapt to this.

Try and let go of always wanting to control a situation, and to want your partner to do everything you want to. Sometimes it will help to listen to what your partner wants as well.

3. Gemini

You tend to have a short attention span, and your focus can go from one thing to another in a split-second! Sometimes you might be paying more attention to other people, than your actual lover.

When you are with someone, try to focus most of your attention on them. A person needs to feel like you think they are unique for a relationship to work.

4. Cancer

You feel things deeply, and you can feel A LOT. Sometimes you can be a slight bit over-emotional, and it can be a lot for another person to deal with.

Try to find positive ways that you can healthily work through your emotions without relying on another person. When you can be emotionally stable, people won't run away as much.

5. Leo

Self-confidence is sexy, but arrogance and vanity isn't. You can be incredibly proud and boastful, and some can see this is being smug and egotistic.

Calm down on all the compliments to yourself, and look in the mirror less often. You can be way too intimidating and fabulous for one person to deal with, so maybe tone it down a notch.

6. Virgo

You are perfect (or think you might be), but not everyone else is. It is unfair for another person to expect them to have the same level of mannerisms and perfection that you do.

Let loose now and then, and accept flaws in others. Having standards that are too high will cause you to never find someone who is according to your level.

7. Libra

Hello Cassanova! You can charm the socks off anyone you meet. The person you are in a relationship with can feel slightly uneasy when you wink at and flirt with everyone you meet.

When you are with someone, only make that person feel special, not everybody else!

8. Scorpio

What is up with you? This is what your partner is always thinking. You can tend to shut people out and internalize everything, and sometimes you can push people away by not opening up about how you feel.

Be sure to talk about your feelings, and don't keep them all to yourself.

9. Sagittarius

Try to stay put for just a few minutes! You have a taste for adventure, and always want to be everywhere but here.

It can be hard for someone to keep up with you, so do slow down and ground yourself a bit more.

10. Capricorn

All work and no play! Being a super workaholic, do you even make time for your relationship?

Be sure that you don't neglect your partner by obsessing about reaching the top of that career ladder too much.

11. Aquarius

Who invited the clown to the party? You can be somewhat eccentric and "Out there". Your partner can sometimes feel uneasy with your odd habits, friends, and beliefs.

Make sure that you don't get your partner running for the hills by talking about aliens TOO much.

12. Pisces

Love is a dream, but you shouldn't get lost in the dream! Your absent-mindedness can be frustrating, especially when your partner has to do all the focusing and remembering.

Try to get your head out of the clouds now and then!

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