Personal Style Radiates Personal Happiness

A wise man once told me, “As a woman, you hold more power than you think you do.”

We live in a constantly-changing world. It’s a world where we are allowed to wear whatever we want, regardless of our gender or sexuality. We are no longer frowned upon expressing our own unique, individual style. Women are beginning to feel recognized as an independent force in every industry and aspect of society. We can do anything, and fashion is no exception.

As a woman, I have always dressed for myself and other women. It is very important to that I feel comfortable with what I am wearing.
I have experienced bullying my entire life because of my size and let it affect me up until 5 years ago, when I arrived at a point where I decided I had enough, and learned to ignore it.

My style has always been complimented. One thing I learned through my years of changing things up and adapting to trends (not necessarily following them) is you cannot make everybody happy. Focus on simply making yourself happy. That’s all that matters.

But how do you do that?

Think about what makes you smile or brings you confidence. Start there.

Personally, I always wear a piece of jewelry, a jacket, a scarf, a brooch, fishnets and a hair pin or bow, something that makes me feel unique and tells the world, this is me.

I recently became fascinated with stones and crystals, so I began educating myself on their properties and on what nature already does for us. I will tell you a secret; I never leave the house without one of my stone bracelets. They might not mean anything to other people, but they mean something to me. They bring me confidence and change my attitude for the entire day. At times when I hit a rough patch on any given day, they bring me back to a place of love and positivity, because they represent my personal style, which is unique to me. Believing in myself in that way makes me feel powerful, like I can take on the world.

You can do the same. Find something that brings you back to your happy place, even if it’s not visible, and embrace it. Don’t look for acceptance from others. Look from acceptance from yourself. We all have the power. It’s up to you to find it within you. Your style represents you. Find it, show it to the world and be comfortable with who you are. You’ll find much happiness once you get to that place, your own personal style happy place.

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