Missing Target Runs? 5 Ways to Recreate Retail Therapy at Home

recreate retail therapy at home

If I was being honest, the one thing I really miss in this quarantine is making a Target run.

Target has been there for a lot in my life. Sad days where I just wanted to walk through pretty clothes. Happy days, shopping for gifts for special occasions. Days when I really just needed to buy a block of cheese and ice cream and swing by the Starbucks on the way out. It’s where I go when I need to not talk to anyone for a little while. Retail therapy has proven benefits for your psyche, if not your wallet.

I can’t bring myself to Target right now. But maybe I can bring a little of the Target to me, and you. Here are some simple hacks to bring that #targetrun home to you.

Grab a Cart

I always lie to myself. First I tell myself that what I’m getting will fit in my reusable shopping bag. Then about halfway across the store I gratefully grab a basket from the veggie aisle. But in all reality, why don’t I just grab a cart at the beginning and have done with it?

For your home target adventure, grab yourself a tote, straw basket, or if you’re feeling really wild, your rolling luggage. Strap a basket to the top side of the rolling luggage to simulate the feeling of a cart you can push. Let’s not pretend this is normal—it’s not. But months away from Target doesn’t really feel normal either, does it?


They put the Starbucks at the front of the store because that’s where you are supposed to start. Perhaps you don’t have PSL or matcha green tea frap ingredients lying around your house, but if you have coffee, water, sugar, and milk you can make yourself a darn good latte right at home.

YouTube has a million and one videos on how to brew a latte. Be careful not to boil the milk over and it’ll turn out fine. Place in your favorite to go mug to mimic the sipping motion of a proper Target latte. Proceed to The Playground.

The Playground

I like to start off at the Playground. The stuff there is adorable, and pointless, and really all I want out of the trip. I could shop exclusively there, ignore the rest of the store, and leave happy.

This requires you to gather the cute, happy, useless stuff around the house. The kitschy knick knacks and all the dishcloths with puns embroidered into them. Arranged them on a flat surface. Take 10-15 minutes to enjoy. Pick five to six add to your basket.


The fun part of this clothing aisle recreation is that this doubles as a closet reorganization. Sort your clothes out for the coming season. Arrange them thoughtfully in your closet. Drag your mirror out and try on said outfits for 30 to 40 minutes. At the end, only put one in your basket and tell yourself you’re being budget-minded.

The Candle Aisle

To accomplish the recreation of the candle aisle, you will need to gather all of the nice smelling things in your home. Half-burned candles, scented lotions, soaps, sprays, etc. Attempt to activate them all at once to really get the effect of the candle aisle. Then proceed to stand there for 30 minutes, sniffing and re-sniffing to compare.

To really replicate the Target candle aisle experience, make your boyfriend stand a little ways down the hallway playing a game on his phone and asking “Have you picked one yet?” in a bored tone every five minutes.

Bonus: The Target App

Online shopping is still a thing, folks. In the Target app you can order things to be shipped to your home or to pick up curbside at your local Target. Some of those things you can even get in 2 hours. So for what you can’t recreate at home—find online.

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