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Ten Songs Perfect for the After We Collided Soundtrack

As we anxiously await the sequel to Anna Todd’s bestselling After We Collided book that spawned #Hessa and made us all get the Wattpad app, let’s spend some time thinking about the music that could accompany the movie.

Here are ten tunes that define Tessa and Hardin’s relationship, all of the ups and the downs. I can easily hear them in the background of certain scenes, giving you all the feels.

1. The Fray | I Can Barely Say

You knew the Fray would be included. It was obviously a must - they’re Tessa’s band (and Hardin’s too). But who knew they would have a song that would fit the pair’s situation so perfectly?

“I want to return, but all you will do is turn to leave. If I can find my way home, will you take hold of me? Cause I've been gone so long, I can barely say. All I know is now I want to stay. Has it been too long since I went away?”

Imagine this, after London. Enough said.

"I’m keeping the scene descriptions short and vague to avoid spoilers just in case someone hasn’t read the book."

2. Noah Cyrus | July

I did not anticipate Noah Cyrus ending up on the list, but after seeing the lyrics for her new song, I knew it was a match. Plus, I feel her style mix of emo and pop fits the entire cast.

“Feels like a lifetime, Just tryna get by While we're dying inside. I've done a lot of things wrong; Loving you being one. But I can't move on."

I’m feeling this one when we have Trish (Hardin’s mom) and Carol (Tessa’s mom) team up against the pair, after...we all learn something new.

3. John Mayer | Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Of I course I would include a John Mayer song, but even an unbiased person would agree that this song fits. In so many spots. I could have picked 3 other lines at least.

“You’ll be a bitch because you can. You try to hit me just to hurt me so you leave me feeling dirty, Cause you can’t understand.”

This is kind of their thing, isn’t it, hurting each other because they can’t deal with their emotions. That said, there’s a lot of scenes to choose from, but picture Landon and Hardin’s heart to heart about Molly.

4. Sam Smith | Dancing With a Stranger

Who didn’t think of Tessa when they heard this song? I know I’ve seen this mentioned on social media, which makes sense because it’s perfect.

“Look what you made me do. I’m with somebody new. Oooh, baby baby I’m dancing with a stranger.”

Ok, so this one is obvious. Tessa & Kim. The club. Seattle. And what happens next...

5. Khalid | Heaven

I love Khalid and his Free Spirit album. I thought of so many that would have fit with the first movie, but then realized this would work for almost any of series.

“My ride or die, Let's burn out tonight, Even if we don't survive. We were right about being wrong.

Don't look back to the wreck, Stay with me, Turn your head”

Too much that I don’t want to spoil in this scene, so I’ll just say don’t text and drive. He’s not worth it.

6. Tori Kelly | Change Your Mind

This song is all about proving to her father that the guy he doesn’t like is good. I thought the father piece added a nice little twist to the obvious.

“he got a hold on me. I know you think that it's wrong, But he grew on me like a rose... The sweetest I've ever known”

A parent who doesn’t support their relationship? Take your pick of where this one fits in.

7. Sara Bareilles | Wicked Love

I had trouble choosing which line to share from Wicked Love, but ultimately this one was spot on and made me laugh a little when I pictured it.

“Then you sold me a future From the ones you had in the trunk of your car. You said I think too much, You said I always mess it up.”

We know a lot about Hardin’s trunk, but this should play during the whole trunk discussion before their wintery date night.

8. Meghan Trainor featuring Mike Sabath | Wave

A wave is a perfect way to describe Hardin and Tessa, more like a tidal wave. This new Meghan Trainor song sums it up perfectly.

“Headed to surface, I’ll keep you afloat. I’ll keep you safe, babe, right in the middle of Heaven and Hell.

This world was made for us.”

Hardin has made comments about being Tessa’s safe place, and this would tie in to the scene when Tessa returns to the apartment after her mother’s place.

9. Third Eye Blind | London

This is an oldie, but too good not to include. Plus it’s rumored they have a new album coming out, so it could be relevant again.

“Somebody's party in a London flat, You're where it's at and I know. You want to see me loose my mind. I'm tired of chasing after you.”

Is there a party house in London in AWC? Does something happen there? People chasing? This would work.

10. John Mayer | Assassin

The words fit After We Collided’s tormented lovers, but the vibe fits even more. Can we make a video for this one, please?

“I was a killer, was the best they'd ever seen. I'd steal your heart before you ever heard a thing. I'm an assassin and I had a job to do. Little did I know that girl was an assassin, too”

This seems like it was written specifically for the prologue of the book, so if they stick with that it would be a perfect introduction to the movie.

Those are the songs, in my opinion. Of course, this is based on the After We Collided book. Like the first movie, the After movie sequel could be drastically different. Which ones do you have in mind (no spoilers though). Let’s hope the people in charge are listening!

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