Staying Home and Staying in Shape: Cute Activewear for a Home Workout

The pandemic has taken many things away from us, including our access to a gym. If you are like me, you may have spent this time at home eating everything in sight and not exercising whatsoever (unless walking up and down stairs counts). I have realized that in scary times like this, it is important to keep some sense of normalcy and add things to your schedule that make you feel good. Whether you had a strict pre-pandemic workout routine or have never been to the gym a day in your life, it is possible to maintain (or begin) a workout routine during the lockdown.

I don’t know about you, but I feel much more motivated to work out when I have something cute to wear. While the treadmill is no longer your runway, and your gym crush is nowhere in sight, you should still work out in something that makes you feel confident and motivated. In this article, I am going to show some stylish workout wear that will have you feeling great while sweating away the quarantine blues!

Sports Bras for High-Impact Workouts

The most important thing to think about when buying a sports bra is the intensity of your workout. If you are going to be running around the block, doing jumping jacks, burpees, or jumping rope you certainly need a sports bra with more support. While they are harder to come by, it is possible to find cute high-impact sports bras. Here are some great options for those doing high-impact workouts (or for those with a larger chest):

ASOS Dorina Plus Size Spirit high impact wired sports bra in blue

Free People Make a Move Bra

Free People Hold My Phone Bra

Sports Bras for Low-Impact Workouts

If you are doing yoga, planks, squats, pushups, or anything where you aren’t moving around a great deal, you may be fine with minimal support. Here are some cute sports bra options for low-impact workouts (or for those with a smaller chest):

Free People High Bar Bra

Free People Sia Printed Bra

Workout Tops We are Loving

While some ladies always exercise in sports bras, others may feel more comfortable in a top. If you have on a great sports bra, you have more freedom when it comes to picking a top. Here are some fashion-forward alternatives to the standard t-shirt:

ASOS 4505 sheer camo tank

ASOS 4505 Tall high neck long sleeve crop with reflective stitching

ASOS South Beach Yoga wrap top in red

Workout Bottoms We are Loving

The bottom you choose also depends on your workout. Some leggings are better for running, while others are better for indoor activities. You may also want to workout in shorts. In this case, you have the option to choose between running shorts and the new, trendy bike short. Here are some cute bottoms to check out:

Highest-Rise Zebra Wide Waistband Bike Short

Aerie Move Mesh High Waisted Bike Short

Anthropologie Ombre Shimmer Leggings

I hope you love some of these activewear options for working out in and around your home. Clothes that make you feel beautiful will boost your self-confidence and have you more ready to tackle a workout than ever. You never know, you may even come out of lockdown looking and feeling better than you did before!

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