The Perfect V-Day Gift for Everyone You Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am thinking about what to plan for my husband. Most of us may be used to the idea Valentine’s Day being a woman’s day, but I disagree. Valentine’s Day celebrates love and love is universal. So this year, if you’re not already, plan a surprise for your man (or woman) this V-day!

His favorite for dinner is definitely a must, but also get him something unexpected, not one of his gadgets which is what I always end up giving him. I thought that I could probably send him some flowers at work. Ha. That for sure would be something he would never forget.

I personally would love to have flowers sent to work or find them at home waiting for me, which I should give him credit for as he has done it before. So this year, I’m switching it up and sending him some!

Now if you are in a new relationship, this might not be appropriate. I got flowers a few times at work after going out on 1-2 dates, and it was definitely awkward, still nice, but too much. I think about what I would have liked if it were my case and I definitely think a drink and appetizers would have been great on Valentine’s Day, early in the evening.

However, if you are adventurous and want to surprise a new flame, a rose quartz bracelet or crystal would be wonderful because it promotes love. This crystal represents unconditional love, it opens the heart at so many levels. Pink is the color of new love and Rose Quartz makes you feel lovable and loving with its energy. It brings peace and harmony, restores trust and self-esteem and also brings joy. It brings a gentle loving energy to your day and even prevents gossip and intrusion in the workplace.

With so many benefits, you can definitely gift this stone to just about anybody. So whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a significant other, with your besties, or with your family, this stone makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day (or not) gift.

Pink Crackled Quartz Bracelet and Heart Charm Blessed for Love from Etsy

Pink Crackled Quartz Bracelet and Heart Charm Blessed for Love

Crackled Rose Quartz and Swarovski Charm Healing Bracelet from Etsy

Crackled Rose Quartz and Swarovski Charm Healing Bracelet

Rose Quartz Healing Heart Bracelet from Etsy

Rose Quartz Healing Heart Bracelet

LANE CRAWFORD x Stoned Crystals Square Trivet - Rose Quartz

Square Trivet - Rose Quartz

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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