The Ultimate Guide to Modern Spirituality - Part One

Ultimate guide to modern spirituality

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How iPhone apps, Instagram and other modern tech can conveniently improve (or start) your spiritual practice - Part One

I can remember watching a comedian (I’m thinking it was you, Daniel Tosh, pre Tosh.0.) several years ago joking about chicks, maybe in LA, I can’t remember. Anyways the point is, the big joke was when a woman said “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.” Well, #thatdidntage well as some would see it.

Now, spirituality is mainstream and for good reasons. Many people, including some well known ones, are seeing and sharing about the benefits of adding a spiritual practice into their lives. Gone are the image of new age hippies layered in multi-colored scarves, Gypsies or crystal balls, satanic rituals, cults in all white. It’s on Instagram, in Amazon, on your iPhone - how bad could it be? (I do know that combination could be potentially deadly, but stay with me). The image of spirituality now is self-proclaimed “spirit junkie” Gabrielle Bernstein, a respected spiritual guru and bestselling author; she easily blends in in as another radiant new city mom.

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Perhaps the best example of spirituality being an accepted part of life in America is Gabby’s mentor Marianne Williamson, who if you’re not familiar with, made it kinda far in a crowded Democratic presidential race; certainly farther than people expected at fundraising and time. Marianne is also a bestselling author and spiritual guru, not coincidentally. But she’s also best known as Oprah’s spiritual advisor. That’s right, the woman who helps guide Oprah’s life...take just a second and picture that. Now, attention back here!

Marianne Williamson

If you’re not at quite Oprah status but want to upgrade your life with spiritual wisdom and practices (or be honest, just get a spiritual start), I’m sharing some of my top modern, budget-friendly ways to get your own spiritual guidance using modern convenience and technology to its fullest.

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We’ll explore apps for meditation and beyond, podcasts to get all sorts of spiritual juices flowing, the spiritual Instagram accounts in my feed, and the monthly subscription boxes I wish would appear in my mailbox! I’ll wait until the later parts to go into specifics, but it will be lots of personal experiences and knowledge from experts.

Coming at you next is the best meditation apps. Until tomorrow, I’ll give you a brief overview on modern spirituality, check out the following infographic!

Flow chart of spiritual practice

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