The Ultimate Guide to Modern Spirituality - Part Five

Spiritual Instagram Accounts to Follow

Spiritual Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Don’t worry, I saved the easy one for Friday! We’re on social media 24/7 these days, meaning we’re constantly exposed to other people’s highlight reels or the hyped up negative media. stories. These are a list of my favorite accounts to make your feed a little more positive and add a little inspiration with it’s spiritual servings. These accounts will cover all the basic topics for you, motivational quotes, helpful guides and information, beautiful pictures and cheerful graphics.

You may notice some duplicates from other categories, and that’s done on purpose. They’re that damn good! Without further introduction, my favorite spiritual Instagram accounts are below. Follow one or follow all!

1. Find a beautiful mix of spirituality and all things love and conscious relationships on Rising Woman’s page. It’s full of wisdom, genuinely helpful tips and it’s thought provoking.

A coupple kissing

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2. While we’re on the topic of relationships I want to share my own intimacy and empowerment coach, Jodie and her husband Reece (who coaches male clients) of Practical Intimacy. Aside from being adorable and fun, they’re filled with conscious relationship advice and personal growth tips. A lot of people believe relationships are spiritual assignments, so how we show up to them is important.


3. I’m including previously talked about author and A Course in Miracles student Gabby Bernstein on this list too! She shares her card readings and tons of tips along with beautiful graphics and images. Her feed just has the most positive, uplifting vibe


4. If you want money and prosperity with a side of spirituality, author Kate Northrup is your go-to girl. Kate talks all things financial, savings, careers and earnings and even manifestation. She’s another top author with Hay House and daughter of famous Dr. Christiane Northrup.

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5. Speaking of Dr. Northrup, she is another wonderful account to follow. With her speciality in Ob/Gyn, you’d be correct in guessing she covers a lot about women’s health, including hormones, beauty, aging gracefully and everything in between.


6. Another health icon that’s full of spiritual encouragement and actionable motivation is Gabby Bernstein’s spiritual running buddy Kris Carr. Kris was diagnosed with incurable cancer ten years ago and has been positively beating the odds since then, sharing her natural recipes and clean living tips and all her other best practices with her Crazy Sexy brand. PS - Kris is a big, big fan of juicing.

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7. If you dig in the podcast arena, she makes another list for her Instagram account filled with Truth Bombs. For an equally inspirational message in bite sized visual pieces, follow her IG too.

Danielle laporte

8. Bestselling Australian self help author Melissa Ambrosini shares tidbits on nutrition, self love, spirituality, relationships and more; and most shows feature a special guest expert in that topic or field. I love the sheer variety of topics Melissa covers. Plus, I love her Motivation Mondays!


9. And of course, I have to include my own IG, XO, Krissy, where I share about spirituality, creative & heart-centered entrepreneurs, motivation & inspiration, sustainable fashion, wellness and more!


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Like everything else, spirituality has evolved into the 21st century. We can use our phones for more than just timing meditations, and we can have items we never imagined delivered to our door in 48 hours. We can reach experts and loved ones at the touch of a button and learn more about other cultures and traditions without leaving our sofa. Why not take advantage of all the ways modern technology can help you in your spirituality.

With help from the experts above and all of the information and tools I shared in parts one through four of this story, you can create a personalized, thriving spiritual practice or just spend time dabbling, exploring and discovering. You’ll have guidance on themes and cycles, learn how to better take care of yourself, create conscious relationships, meditate, read oracle and tarot cards and more. I believe even seasoned practitioners looking for ways to grow or maintain their spiritual practice will find a few useful tools in this guide. No matter where you are in your journey, I trust these comprehensive resources will serve you well.

I’d love to hear all about your spiritual practices!

Any technology or modern conveniences you use or if you enjoy doing things the old fashioned way, share your tips and questions with us.

Drop by my Facebook page to chat more about spirituality with me and other members of our growing tribe!

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