The Ultimate Guide to Modern Spirituality - Part Four

The Best Spirituality Podcasts

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Some people would rather listen than interact or read. If you’re one of these people, spirituality podcasts may be your cup of tea. They’re are great for those who just want to listen and don’t want to pay a fee of any kind. They’re also perfect for the busy professional or the constant multitasker; you can listen to one while getting ready in the morning or during your commute. Here are some of my standout or highly recommended choices in the spirituality category.

1. Tara Brach

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If you’ve started digging into Insight Timer’s guided meditations yet, you may have come across Tara Brach. She’s a psychologist, Buddhist meditation teacher and podcast creator. She explores spirituality mixed with everyday human issues - think anxiety or insomnia, using inspirational, informative talks and guided meditations. Her show is best for those who appreciate simplicity, the basics and practical real-world applications, or for beginners.

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2. With Love, Danielle
Danielle LaPorte is my spirit animal! She is bold, she is creative, she’s spicy and spiritual. She covers self help and relationships, spirituality and manifesting, sex and all the feels in her podcast. She’ll help you tackle everyday life situations with practical advice and share experiences and wisdom to go deeper spiritually.

3. The Melissa Ambrosini Show

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She writes books, she’s on social and she offers online programs besides her podcast. One of her latest accomplishments? How about being named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine! Melissa Ambrosini brings you inspiration to live your best life and expert interviews to help you do so successfully on topics like sustainability, wellness, meditation, motivation and more.

4. Self Service with Jerico Mandybur
This writer can’t be the description they’ve already written for this self-care podcast. Phrases like “your cosmic comfort zone” or “an inner-beauty school” and the closer “We rant. We grow. And we tune the eff up.” It’s about feeling good, being a little indulgent (a philosophy I whole-heartedly support) and astrology. If you want a lighthearted dose of spirituality, this could be your jam

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5. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

I originally intended to leave this one off the list, thinking it might be “obvious”, but I realized that nothing compared to the variety of topics covered and the high level of experts consistently accessible only to Oprah. Guests like Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra share insights into their lives and give their best life and best self tips.

Up next, my favorite Instagram accounts to follow if your feed could use a little more positivity!

Until then, did I miss any of your must-have spiritual podcasts?

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