The Ultimate Guide to Modern Spirituality - Part Three

The Best Spirituality Subscription Boxes

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You may say that monthly subscription boxes aren’t technology, and that is true, but they do offer a modern and comprehensive approach to spirituality. They can be a great complement to the more technical options. If you’re a fan of the apps or podcasts (like those mentioned in parts one and two of this series, maybe you want to try one of the monthly subscription boxes to get the tools and ritual items you’ve learned about. If you’re a beginner and want to easily and affordably build a spiritual collection to go with your practice, they’re also a good option for that.

I have not tried these specific boxes out yet to give a comprehensive review, but I put together a list for you based on features, price, reputation and reviews to browse and see which, if any, appeal to you.

1. Tamed Wild Box
Pro: Affordable

Each month’s Tamed Wild subscription box has a theme and includes an “intention setting ritual to help you make the most of your box”. I will say that most of these spiritual boxes share some typical mystical items like crystals, natural items like skincare or accessories like jewelry, plus other tools to help you create a sacred space and practice rituals like candles. Tamed Wild Box is offers a lot of this standard fare. The box is very affordable at as low as $20/month depending on your prepaid subscription length. You can also buy a box at a time if that’s more your budget or style. This seems like a great box to guide and inspire those just starting on their spiritual journey!

2. Spiritual Goodies
Pro: My Pick

If I had to choose one spiritual box to start with, it would ironically be the one called Spiritual Goodies. It seems like a one stop shop to grow your spiritual toolbox - both your physical toolbox and the list of tools in your mind. Why? This is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive of the boxes I researched. Like others it has a monthly theme for all the items, including spiritual growth tools and ritual items, which is tied together with an affirmation card. It’s many of the standard items mixed with clothing, healing personal care products and aromatherapy. Subscriptions start month-to-month at $39.99 and decrease in price according to the number of months you prepay.

3. Soulify Biz Box
Pro: For Business Babes

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Soulify stands about above the rest for one big reason; they took a risk and targeted a very specific (spiritual, female entrepreneurs). As I like to think I’m their target audience, I have to applaud them because this box really, really appeals to me. However, if don’t fit into this very specific niche, this could be a deal breaker for you. The goodies include spiritual and/or business books (I’m hoping there’s an ebook option!) with “a related course or workbook, a supporting MP3 resource and 2-3 high vibe spiritual/self-care products.” They’re in the higher range (again due to it’s niche) at $44.00 for month-to-month and smaller discounts for 3 months or 12 months prepaid subscriptions. But, I did find they are currently offering 30% off your first box with promotion code 30OFFFIRST!

*(At the time of writing this article. If that one no longer works, try a quick search for a new one.)

4. Chasin’ Unicorns
Pro: Vegan/Cruelty Free

Many of the subscription boxes focus on natural and even organic products, but Chasin’ Unicorns prides itself on being both vegan and cruelty-free. Described as mixing spirituality, self care and astrology, it has a little something for everyone with the usual bath products, crystals, tea, essential oils and ritual tools. The twist to this curated mix is that it’s chosen with the current zodiac position in mind. So...if you read your horoscope every morning, this might be the one for you. It too comes as a subscription or onetime purchase, although it’s much cheaper with the monthly subscription for $35 vs. $51 for a single box.

5. Lunarly
Pro: Plants!

While I have a black thumb and thus no interest, I’m betting the highlight of this box for many would be the live plant you get every few months. If you love it, good for you! Another highlight for some may be that it’s tied into the moon cycles (and so your own monthly cycle), hence it’s deliver every new moon! The rest of the items they show from previous boxes seem to be like the others - self care, spiritual tools, but journals did stand out to me. I feel like this one is also a comprehensive mindfulness and spirituality box, but it is one of the higher priced monthly boxes I’ve come across at $49.99.

If it seems like there’s a subscription box for everything now, it’s because there is! I even saw one for dog mom’s the other day. I’m a dog mom and I don’t even get it, Would it be dog toys or matching t-shirts? Because one of those is a hard pass. But back to the point, I truly saw value in the boxes above for three reasons:

1. I love the wide price range!
There is one option that will fit in many budgets. Add to that the money you’re not spending in gas and the decreased shipping, the cost savings of most items if purchased individually, and all of the ways you could use that free time!

2. Accessibility, in so many ways.
We’ve already said price and time. You don’t have to be able to get to a mall. You don’t have to sign up for a long term commitment. You don’t have to research to figure out what you want, or magically discover the perfect item for you or what crazy place you have to go to get it.

3. You need to treat yo’ self!
They’re a reward for your commitment, a reminder to continue, and a tool for growing your spiritual practice all in cute little box. Be honest, who doesn’t love getting packages on the door step?

Do you have experience with any of the monthly subscription boxes listed or any other spiritual monthly boxes?


Are you going to try one of these boxes? And of course, tell us which one! We’d love to hear your feedback and reviews!

I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of these companies in any way

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