The Ultimate Guide to Modern Spirituality - Part Two

The Best Spirituality Apps

You’d be amazed at the sheer number of spirituality apps available. While you might think of them as simply timers for your meditation or simply apps that teach you to deep breathe, there are apps with courses, guided meditations, astrology and more to help you make progress on your spiritual journey. Here are some of my favorites below by category.

Meditation Apps

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Insight Timer
Insight Timer is probably my favorite meditation app and one that many people I know also choose. There is a free and a premium version; you can get far with just the free one - they claim to have the biggest free guided meditation library. As the name implies, it can be a simple timer or you can choose from their extensive guided meditations, talks and courses based on what topic you’re feeling that day. Do you need gratitude or a boost of confidence or relaxation and sleep? It’s all in there and it’s great for all levels.

Calm is like Insight Timer and is equally popular. Besides guided meditations and master classes on varying issues and desires, they also have relaxing sounds and music and breathing exercises for those who want to keep it simple. Their unique feature is their sleep stories, designed for those who have trouble sleeping. I will share that at the height of my sleep issues I did not find these to be helpful. The app is well designed and award-winning; it’s certainly worth giving the free version a try. An upgrade to premium will cost you $69.99 a year.

I would say Breethe most reminds me of a combination of Calm and Insight Timer. The layout and design is very simple, clear and appealing. Like the others, it focuses on meditation, but covers many categories like anxiety, sleep, performance, happiness and more. In addition to guided meditations, there are also short courses you can complete on these topics too. Teachers are well known experts in their fields. The price is both the good and bad of this app. There is a free version, but the access is limited. You can upgrade to premium for $89.99 per year, which is higher than the rest. BUT, they offer a lifetime version for $149.99, which is a great price and an option I have not seen offered anywhere else.

Omvana is another meditation app I’ve used in the past; it’s like the other ones mentioned above. It offers a limited selection of free guided meditations by experts that can be upgraded to full access for $49.99 annually. For anyone from beginners to experts, there are a variety of real world topics like sleep, stress, mindfulness and relaxation. This is another one I have limited experience with, but it’s backed by well-known company Mindvalley and rates well in the App Store.

Oracle | Tarot | Affirmation Card Apps


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The Divine Energy Oracle by Sonia Choquette
This is a gorgeous, pink and gold, feminine 63-card deck oracle card app with four card spread reading options. I often choose this one in the morning as it has a morning contemplation card reading. It’s very easy to understand the different readings, and the card descriptions use very clear language and are creatively written. Each card gives an overall summary or description, a “divine energy” and a “divine invitation” with implementable steps or realistic action items. It’s a little pricier than some at $9.99, but I fell in love with how easy it was to follow during the trial.

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Spirit Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back & Miracles Now
Modern spiritual guru and author Gabby Bernstein’s card decks rank high on my list, mostly as affirmation or mantra cards. You can choose from Spirit Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back or Miracles Now, all based on her best-selling books. These are perfect to pull a daily inspirational card or just when you need a little boost in your day. And they are some of the most beautifully decorated cards you will find. At $4.99 each, you can try one or try them all.

Spirit Junkie
The Universe Has Your Back
Miracles Now

Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle by Alana Fairchild
A fun, feminine deck by popular card expert Alana Fairchild. I have to be honest, the art work is what drew me to it. It’s dramatic, romantic, bold and slightly abstract all at once. I loved the vibrant color combos! But then I fell in love with the combination of messages and the depiction of such dynamically different goddesses once I dove a little deeper. This deck has a high-rating combined with a great onetime price of $4.99.

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The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid
The Good Tarot is my go to real life deck, so it only makes sense that I would gravitate toward the app too. The illustrations are beautiful and the language of the cards, the directions and spreads all make sense. The unique feature of this particular tarot is that rather then ominous forecasts and eerie but blurry warnings, the cards have positive affirmations in the present tense. Most of the other typical tarot aspects carry over. Another pricier one ringing in at $9.99, but keep an eye as Hay House sometimes runs sales, including their apps.

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Manifesting Apps


Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

New Gratitude Journal
Most experts agree that the foundation of manifesting new things is appreciating what you already have. Gratitude is a simple, digital gratitude journal app, a well designed and easy to use one for the one time $2.99 fee. Whether you use this as your only gratitude practice or an add-on to meditation and other spiritual tools, this is a great budget-friendly option. I don’t have an official gratitude practice of my own, but I do use this app to capture little moments of gratitude I have on any given day.

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The Law of Attraction Toolbox
The Law of Attraction Toolbox sounds like a comprehensive app to meet all your manifesting needs. It’s got exercises, or what they call games, to cover every topic within the process of manifestation - gratitude, visualization, positivity, creating good feelings and more. You can personalize some information while still being offered prompts, affirmations and reminders. Upgrade to remove advertisements for $4.99 or choose from 3 similar upgrade options for $14.99 to get full, unlimited, PRO access.

The Secret to Money
When most people talk about manifesting, they talk about money. This is an area where most people struggle in general, let alone with manifesting. If you’re a fan of the book The Secret and/or focusing on bringing more wealth into your life, this app will help you with your attitude and approach to managing and manifesting money. You will need to include its onetime fee of $4.99 into your budget though. I’ve heard really good results from others who have used this app and love it.

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Health and the Law of Attraction
Brought to you by the famous Esther and Jerry Hicks, this card deck is a great motivational, inspirational, comforting app for anyone focused on creating vibrant health or healing miracles into their life. You can go with the daily inspiration or browse and draw your own random card; either way you get a positive, vibe boosting mantra or affirmation. It’s just another way to put your wants out into the universe. I love this deck so much I’ve gifted it to friends; you can’t beat it at a onetime purchase of $4.99!

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VISUAPP Vision Board and Gratitude Journal 
While actually a vision board app, this has a feature for most of the manifestation process from start to finish, if you include all add-ons. Highly rated, it has a vibrant, modern but simple design and helps you organize your goals and dreams, practice affirmations and visualization, and even has practical functions like reminders. This is a free app, but to add all the features will add fees varying from $0.99 to $4.99 each, including the vision board and gratitude journal.

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Ritual and Lifestyle Apps


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Saged bridges the categories of lifestyle, ritual, tarot and more. There are daily card readings from experts, daily rituals, a variety of master classes and articles on just about every topic in spirituality, from crystals to moon cycles, healing foods and essential oils, spirit guides and manifesting.  A great app if you’re looking for a one stop shop, the free version is great but the premium version is better, if a little pricey. But they’re new and always running specials, so keep an eye out!

Sanity & Self: Self Care Guide
Sanity & Self is a little less woo-woo than some apps mentioned, but a very promising lifestyle app for anyone on a journey of personal improvement. There are guided audios on anxiety and stress, healing, relationships and sex, and self love. There’s also a (paid) option to text with experts for help on any of these topics. You can also incorporate journaling and reminders in the app. The free version covers a lot, but many people recommend the premium version which runs just slightly below others at $59.99.

The Moon Calendar
Picture your horoscope, but based on the moon cycle rather than the stars, and you have the front page of this app. It gives you a daily reading based on your birth information, but it doesn’t stop there. It has a place to journal, add intentions and a long list of self-care rituals to choose from. You can integrate your iPhone Reminders and iCal to use the power of the moon to its full advantage. Plus, a yearly subscription is only $2.99, cheaper than my matcha latte.

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Astrology Apps


Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash

AstroStyle was created by famed astrologers and twins (aka The AstroTwins) Ophira and Tali Edut. It’s a fun, visually appealing, well-designed app, but I find it’s best for beginners or those looking for a simple daily, weekly and monthly reading. At only a onetime payment of $1.99, you can’t beat the price.

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Co—Star is one of the astrology apps I currently use. It’s a little more in depth for those experienced with astrology, while still giving you a usable daily forecast. I love that it gives you a list of highlights at the top of the app each day, and you can dig further into those if you want to or just read the general overview. It discusses transits and what houses the planets are in, plus it breaks down the advice by topic - relationships, career, etc. It’s free to use, you only pay a small fee if you want to find compatibility with someone else.

Astro Guide: Astrology by VICE
Astro Guide is everything you would expect from VICE, bright and energetic, bold and unapologetic, filled with experts. If you want an app with eye-catching design and daily/weekly/monthly forecasts along with other astrological tips and sign insights in snack sized pieces. Most can probably make do with the free version, but it’s only $5.99 to upgrade to Pro.

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There are other ways to use technology to add spirituality to your daily life too! Stay tuned for the best spiritual podcasts in part two, and even more modern spirituality in parts three through five this week...

And in the meantime, are there any other spirituality apps you recommend or experiences with these apps that you want to share?

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